50 Best Blogs to Follow For National Poetry Month

Poetry often gets a bad rap for being inaccessible, hard to understand and even pretentious. Yet true fans of poetry know that such writing is such a varied field, there truly exists something out there for everyone, even those who thought they’d never find themselves actually enjoying any of it. What better time to honor great works of poetry and to encourage others to find a favorite poet of their own than National Poetry Month? Throughout April, both poetry lovers and those who’d like to be converted alike can learn more about the medium, find new work and perhaps even write a verse or two of their own for a course. One of the best ways to do this is through the guidance of great poetry blogs, and those listed here make some great reading material for those rainy April days and beyond.

Essential Reading

These blogs should be some of the first you check out to indulge your interest in poetry.

  1. Harriet: The Blog: The Poetry Foundation’s blog, Harriet, is an excellent place for any poetry enthusiast to learn more, from classic works to how your brain responds to art. Recommended Post: “3,785 Page Pirated Poetry Anthology.”
  2. The Best American Poetry: Get access to some of the best poetry being produced in the U.S. today through this blog, as well as interviews and news. Recommended Post: “Greil Marcus and Dylan.”
  3. Silliman’s Blog: Keep on top of modern poetry and poets through this blog. Recommended Post: “CD Wright Reads from “One With Others” at 92nd Street Y
  4. The Best Words in Their Best Order: You’ll find a huge number of poets attached to this blog, making it the ideal place to delve into the poetic mind and learn more about the field. Recommended Post: “In the Company of Charles Bernstein.”
  5. 32 Poems: This poetry magazine’s blog is full of high-quality articles, from interviews with poets to updates on relevant events. Recommended Post: “30 Poems in 30 Days.”
  6. PSA Blog: Check out the Poetry Society of America’s blog for some interesting tidbits on famous poets, award winners and more. Recommended Post: “Magnanimous, Magnificent: A Marie Ponsot Tribute, with remarks by Sapphire.”
  7. Squandermania and Other Foibles: Don Share, senior editor of Poetry Magazine, maintains this blog full of great articles on poetry, writing and the magazine biz. Recommended Post: “Source texts & sore subjects.”
  8. Poetry Dispatch: Those with a great love of poetry and writing will appreciate the varied and insightful posts on this blog. Recommended Post: “the destiny of borges.”
  9. Poetry About.com: Learn the basics of poetry and find some verses worth reading on this blog. Recommended Post: “Ted Hughes’ ‘Last Letter’ to Sylvia Plath.”
  10. Poetic Asides: This blog is an excellent place to find everything from writing prompts to book recommendations and just about everything in between. Recommended Post: “How to Celebrate National Poetry Month: Guest Post by Nancy Posey.”
  11. TheThe Poetry Blog: With book reviews, articles, comics, poems and much more, this poetry blog is a must read for any enthusiast. Recommended Post: “On Gene Tanta’s ‘Critical Introduction to Unusual Woods’.”
  12. How a Poem Happens: Here, a great number of poets share their insights and advice on creating poetry. Recommended Post: “Matthew Dickman.”

News and Commentary

Bookmark these blogs if you want to keep up with new poetry, learn more about the field and see what others are saying.

  1. American Poetry Dot Biz: Find news, commentary and comics related to women and young people in poetry here. Recommended Post: “Ruthless 24/7 Careerism: How You Can Become The Most Important Poet In America *Overnight* .”
  2. Gotta Book: Screenwriter and librarian Greg K shares his love of books, social media and poetry on this blog. Recommended Post: “Jack Prelutsky – A Little Poem For Poetry Month.”
  3. Poetry Hut Blog: Find out about poetry events, interviews and more in the Nashville area with this blog. Recommended Post: “Poet Jilly Dybka.”
  4. ArtsBeat Poetry: Part of the New York Times, this blog lets you stay on the edge of the best and brightest in the poetry world. Recommended Post:”The Poetry of Catastrophe.”
  5. Topics and Events: Check out this blog to read about literature, the arts and poetry. Recommended Post: “The View from Down Here.”
  6. World Class Poetry Blog: Bookmark this blog for a great commentary on poetry in the 21st century. Recommended Post: “I Finally Published Poetry Book ‘Rumsfeld’s Sandbox’.”
  7. Poetry Daily: Get access to a daily poem and poetry news on this blog. Recommended Post: “The Hereafter.”
  8. First Book Interviews: On this blog, you’ll find poet Keith Montesano as he interviews numerous other poets and writers. Recommended Post: “#17 – Randall Mann.”
  9. Blogalicious: Find news, information and insights into the latest in poetry and literature on this blog from poet Diane Lockward. Recommended Post: “Poets and Geeks.”
  10. One Poet’s Notes: Through this blog, you’ll get some poetic criticism, recommendations and news on the latest poetry releases. Recommended Post: “VPR Summer Reading List, 2010.”
  11. Poet Hound: Dedicated to helping people connect with poetry, this blog is a great resource for news, information, inspiration and more. Recommended Post: “Poetry Tips: You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.”
  12. Isola di Rifiuti: Want to learn more about great poetry? Give this blog a read for commentary and insights well worth your time. Recommended Post: “Ted Berrigan’s Prose.”


These blogs give readers a chance to connect with poets directly.

  1. Ada Limon: Brooklyn-based writer Ada shares her progress with writing and her inspiration for it here. Recommended Post: “Interview with Me in the SF Examiner.”
  2. Tom Clark: Essayist and poet Tom Clark uses this blog to share his latest work with readers. Recommended Post: “Curzio Malaparte: A Rose from the Executioner.”
  3. Sweet Talking Guy: Read these fun poems and get inspiration to write your own on this blog, updated weekly. Recommended Post: “Skylight #1.”
  4. Paul Lisicky: Published poet Paul Liscky shares his work and his inspiration on this blog. Recommended Post: “The White Deer.”
  5. Poetry and Poets in Rags: Rus Bowden is a car salesman who likes to dabble in poetry, showing that anyone can enjoy writing poetry no matter their profession. Recommended Post: “Great Regulars: Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa won.”
  6. Recently Banned Literature: Check out this blog to see into the mind of writer, poet and creative William Michaelian. Recommended Post: “Milton, Aesop, Grimm, and Andersen.”
  7. Poems and Poetics: Here you’ll find regular posts containing the work of Jerome Rotherberg as well as information about the field of poetry. Recommended Post: “Rethinking E. E. Cummings: An Appeal for a New Reading (Part Two).”
  8. Avoiding the Muse: Dr. C. Dale Young is not only in the medical profession but also serves as poetry editor of the New England Review and teaches in an MFA writing program. Here, he shares his writing and other work with readers. Recommended Post: “Clouds and Fog.”
  9. Fox the Poet: Poet Christopher Fox Graham posts his poetic work as well as news and updates on the poetry world through this blog. Recommended Post: “Banned Books Week: “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg.”
  10. A Poet’s View: Poet and writer Don MacIver posts his poetry and prose to this blog. Recommended Post: “The Five Treasures of Snows.”
  11. Chicks Dig Poetry: D.C.-based poet Sanda Beasley has published two collections of work. This blog offers up not only information about her career, but great poems and inspiration as well. Recommended Post: “Tom Shannon & Looking.”
  12. A Poet’s Word: Visit this blog to read some of the work written by Glynis Smy. Recommended Post: “Black Words.”


Those looking for something to read will find a great collection of poems new and old through these blogs.

  1. Poem-A-Day: The name of this blog says it all. Readers can dive into a new poem every day. Recommended Post: “Fushigi na Chicharron.”
  2. Classic Poetry Aloud: Prefer to hear poetry rather than to read it? This blog may be just what you were looking for. Recommended Post: “The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.”
  3. Poems Found in Translation: On this blog, A.Z. Foreman posts his own translations of works of poetry. Recommended Post: “Rainer Maria Rilke: The Panther (From German).”
  4. Free Poems: You can submit your own poetry to this blog or enjoy the works of others posted here. Recommended Post: “A Lover’s Fling By Lamar Cole.”
  5. Image Verse: Here you’ll find a poetry blog focused on uniting the written word and visual inspiration. Recommended Post: “Time Window.”
  6. Professor Roy and the Amazingly Bad Poetry Journal: Love bad poetry? You’ll find more of it than you may be able to stomach here. Recommended Post: “Amazingly Bad Poetry Review – The End.”
  7. AIDY’s Poetry Blog: On this blog, you’ll find poems, reviews, and photos written or taken by AIDY. Recommended Post: “Weigh Me Heavy.”
  8. Issa’s Untidy Hut: Lilliput Review, a print magazine dedicated to the short poem, publishes a number of wonderful works on this blog. Recommended Post: “The Butterfly and the Moth Redux: Buson and Billy Collins.”
  9. Coffee Table Poetry for Tea Drinkers: Find some fancy poetry on this blog that you can read while sipping on a cup of tea. Recommended Post: “The Little Boy Found.”
  10. Lulu Poetry: On this blog, you’ll find some great poems as well as contests you can enter with your own work. Recommended Post: “Celebrate Your Freedom to Read!
  11. Carol Peters: Poet and poetry enthusiast Carol Peters posts here favorite poems and prose to this site. Recommended Post: “Walter Benjamin.”
  12. Birthdays of Poets: Celebrate the birthdays of famous poets by finding some of their best work here. Recommended Post: “Helen Vendler.”
  13. Poetry Chaikhana Blog: This blog showcases a wide range of sacred poetry from around the world. Recommended Post: “Maya Angelou– Phenomenal Woman.”
  14. A Writer in the Moment: Looking for a few good reads to celebrate poetry? Try this blog for some great verses to ponder. Recommended Post: “A White Girl Lynching, Pudding House Chapbook.”

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