20 Most Impressive Instances of Roommate Revenge

Not everyone loves their roommate, especially in college, when you may not even be able to choose the person you’re living with.

Roommate hatred can sometimes get a little out of control, and many roommates decide to take out their revenge. Here, we’ll take a look at 20 crazy roommate revenge stories — some wrong, some right, but all quite interesting.

  1. Post-it wars: This roommate received numerous post-its with "tips" from her college roommate, including dish etiquette, and wiping counters after cooking. She shot back by going overboard with notes on virtually every surface of the kitchen.

  2. Tornado warning: This guy got sick of hearing his roommate’s alarm go off for extended periods every morning, so he faked a tornado warning. He set an alarm clock with a very loud volume to go off at 3:30 AM and stayed with a friend overnight as his roommate fell out of bed, screamed, and searched for the amazingly loud alarm clock.

  3. Golden shower shampoo: This roommate endured abuse in the bathroom, including whiskers in the sink and disappearing toilet paper. After his roommate used most of his expensive shampoo, he urinated in the shampoo bottle, leaving it for his roommate to use every day.

  4. The switcheroo: After dealing with an extreme Martha Stewart wannabe, this roommate made plans to move out, not giving notice until her roommate was away for two months. She sublet her room out to a rude, loud, and messy friend that drove Martha crazy.

  5. Eye for an eye: After this student’s dorm mates stole screens off his windows, he plotted his revenge and struck at the right time. He waited until winter and took the windows right off the wall of their room, leaving them to freeze it out in 20-degree weather while the college worked to replace them.

  6. Shower block: It’s not always easy to share a bathroom with someone. This guy wanted to take a shower, but his roommate snuck in before him. He blocked him into the bathroom with furniture, and he had to fight his way out.

  7. Leaving things on the couch: Ryan’s anal retentive roommate left notes telling him not to leave things on the couch. So as a parting gift before he moves out, Ryan stuffed the couch full of candy wrappers for his roommate to find.

  8. Drunken mice: After a roommate’s drunken rampage, this guy decided to get back. He put mice in his car, knowing he had an extreme phobia, making him late to an exam that made up 15% of his grade.

  9. Hitting back with a soup can: This guy tried to sleep with his roommate’s sister, so his roommate hit back, with a soup can. He rigged a soup can onto a rope that hit him in the family jewels as soon as he walked through the front door.

  10. Visine and a dog fight: Kristine Anzalone and her husband lived with a roommate. She was pregnant at the time, and the three frequently fought over their roommate’s smoking while she was pregnant. Kristine fought back by giving the roommate an iced tea spiked with Visine, causing vomiting and rectal bleeding, as well as trouble breathing. Anzalone later provoked the roommate’s dogs to get in a fight, in which one of them died.

  11. The buttery floor: This roommate slammed the door every morning at 7:30 when he left for class, waking his sleeping roommate. He got payback with a buttered floor to greet him on his way out, walking in, and again when he ran to answer the phone.

  12. Sex line payback: After living with and dating a guy for several months, this girl found out that her boyfriend and roommate was a sex addict. He’d hidden a phone bill full of sex line charges. After a few confrontations, his roommate called a gay sex line number and left it off the hook for several hours, resulting in a phone bill over $13,000.

  13. The car billboard: One roommate decided to tell the world in a very public way how terrible her roommate was. She posted a sign on her roommate’s car explaining her sins, including destroying people’s belongings.

  14. The new wall: While on vacation, this guy’s roommates went to work putting up a new wall. They sheet-rocked a wall while he was gone, and he had to jump to get into his room.

  15. Bedbugs as a weapon: A Craigslist philanthropist offered bedbugs on the site, free of charge. They were recommended as a goodbye present for those who want to enact roommate revenge before moving out. There’s no word on whether someone took him up on his offer, but it’s an impressive idea.

  16. Party burger: After a night of partying, this roommate ate a burger he found in the fridge. Too bad it was spiked by his roommate who had to stay up all night listening to the party — and that same roommate locked the bathroom door while he suffered from the bad burger.

  17. Filth revealed: After living with a filthy roommate, this guy takes revenge on her. He took a three-minute video to show off on YouTube the dirty conditions she lived in.

  18. Shane does the dishes: After his roommate repeatedly refused to do the dishes, his roommate fought back. On his way out to a movie, his roommate threw flour on him to make sure he’d be late — since he didn’t have time to get to the dishes before heading out.

  19. Flaming laptop: This guy’s roommate froze his phone in a block of ice, so he decided to get back at him while "cleaning." He ended up lighting his laptop in fire right in front of him.

  20. The bird in the cereal: Who knows that this roommate did to deserve payback like this. Revenge takes a pretty gross turn when a roommate places a decaying bird in his roommate’s morning cereal.


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