30 Inspirational Blogs for Your Dorm Room Design

As a new college student, you’ve more than likely heard of the tiny, institutional dorms rooms that await you upon your arrival at school. Unfortunately, these aren’t just stories. Most students can expect a dorm room that leaves a lot desired in the style department. Luckily, there are many ways college students such as yourself can bring personality and comfort to even the most sterile of dorm rooms. By adding colorful bedding, creative DIY projects, and the latest in interior design ideas, your dorm room can look more you and less like a collegiate prison. These great blogs can help you to get started, providing inspirational photos, tips on making the most of a small space and ideas for creating a stylish room on a shoestring budget — perfect for anyone style-savvy.

Dorm Room Design

These blogs focus on interior design ideas for dorms rooms and college students.

  1. BUTCH & harold: This dorm room decor retailer maintains a blog full of ideas on how to make your space cool and functional.
  2. HGTV Dorm Rooms: HGTV regularly posts ideas here on dorm room decorating as well as spaces, storage and apartment living.
  3. DormDelicious: You’ll find everything dorm-related on this blog, including some great ideas on how to make the most of your space.
  4. Lovely Undergrad: The Lovely Undergrad blog proves that you don’t have to have a big budget or a big room to live stylishly.
  5. Surviving College: This blog isn’t focused exclusively on decor, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have some great posts to offer. Readers will find a wide range of helpful articles on all things dorm decoration.

Design Inspiration

While not all the ideas on these blogs will work in a dorm, you won’t find any lack of inspiration for colors, space savers and more with the help of these sites.

  1. Design Sponge: You’ll find some amazing photos of beautiful rooms of all kinds on this site. While you may not be able to turn every post into something useful for your room, you will certainly find design inspiration and education.
  2. Apartment Therapy: With their yearly special on small spaces, this site is the ideal place to look for dorm room inspiration of all kinds.
  3. Décor 8: Collecting great interior design ideas from around the web, this site is a great resource for any student looking to create a designer room on a budget.
  4. The Inspired Room: With DIY ideas, great color combos and beautiful photos of apartments and homes, this blog will get you thinking seriously about your dorm room space.
  5. Design Milk: Is modern your thing? Even if you can’t afford the pricey finds on this blog, they’re sure to inspire you to seek out budget-friendly alternatives.
  6. Material Girls: Written by five interior designers working in cities around the nation, this blog will help you figure out a style that will suit any space.


Save money by learning how to make a variety of useful storage, decorative and bedding items from these sites.

  1. WhipUp: Craft college kids will find some great ideas on projects that are perfect for using in the dorm room and beyond through this blog.
  2. Nest: Get apartment tours, style ideas and DIY tips and tricks on this great design blog.
  3. ReadyMade: On this popular magazine’s blog, readers will find an assortment of classy and modern DIY projects that can help give any dull dorm space some pizzazz.
  4. DIYLIfe: You’ll find DIY instruction on how to do just about everything you could want to do on this blog, from turning your tees into pillows to constructing some snazzy coasters.
  5. Ikea Hackers: Many college students will be heading to Ikea this summer to get budget college supplies, but if you don’t find exactly what you need don’t despair. Use this blog to learn how to mold Ikea pieces to your exact needs.
  6. How About Orange: Graphic and textile designer Jessica Jones shares her amazing and often adorable ideas for crafting and design projects on this fun to read blog.


Trying to decorate your room on a budget? These blogs offer up ideas that can help you be chic on the cheap.

  1. Nifty Thrifty Girl: This blog will help you discover new and creative ways to decorate your space cheaply and stylishly.
  2. Copy Cat Chic: Since you’re likely decorating your dorm room on a pretty strict budget, this blog can be a big help. On it, you’ll find photos from high-end stores and magazines and resources that let you copy those styles for much, much less.
  3. Budget Wise Home: Full of cute ideas, this blog will help you find a way to personalize and pretty up your dorm room without spending a fortune.
  4. Thrifty Decor Chick: You won’t want to buy new after you see the adorable and wallet-friendly ideas featured on this site, helping you do everything from customize lamp shades to etch a glass pencil holder.
  5. Chikka Boom: From using chalkboard paint to decorate objects to repurposing objects you might already have, you’ll get inspired to transform your dorm room when you read this blog.
  6. Trash2Treasure: Why spend money on furniture when you can get it practically for free? Learn how to turn one student’s trash into another’s awesome dorm decor with the help of this blog.

Small Space

Unless you’re one of the lucky few with a big dorm room, you’re going to have to learn to live in a small, shared space at school. These blogs offer some great ideas on how to make the most of whatever dorm space you have.

  1. Small Place Style: While mostly catering to homes, this blog is also a great resource for dorm dwellers who want to create an inviting space in their often tiny rooms.
  2. Smart Spaces Blog: This blog is full of tips on how to maximize the space in a small room.
  3. Shoebox Decor: Here you’ll get advice on not only decorating small spaces, but doing it on a budget– both topics which should appeal to the college crowd.
  4. loving.living.small: Focusing on homes that are 1000 square feet and under, this blog offers up pictures and articles all about small space living.
  5. Tiny House Blog: If these homeowners can make their tiny houses work for them, you can make your dorm room work for you.
  6. The Borrowed Abode: Check out this blog for tips on designing and decorating a space that’s not your own– great when looking for ideas that don’t focus on painting or renovating a space.
  7. Tiny-Ass Apartment: In a way, your dorm room is a tiny-ass apartment, just one without a kitchen or its own bath. Learn ways to make the most out of it with a little help from this blog.

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