The 70 Best Twitter Feeds for History Majors

Just because you study the past doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of modern-day learning tools to improve your knowledge. Students of history will find numerous online resources on the web, from digital archives to blogs written by some of the biggest names in history. With so much high quality content out there, however, it can be hard to keep up. One of the best and most useful tools for staying on top of all that great historical content is Twitter. Using the popular social site, students can interact with professors, leading experts, professional groups, and even museums and archives, all while learning more about a wide range of historical periods and places.

Here, we’ve collected some of the best feeds out there for college students majoring in history to follow. While there are undoubtedly other great history feeds on Twitter, we’ve tried to include some of the best from a variety of different facets of the discipline. Hopefully, they’ll inspire your studies, help you learn, or if nothing else, give you a fun and somewhat productive way to while away a few hours on the web.

Daily History and News

Follow these feeds to keep up with the latest in history news and learn a few new factoids you can share every day.

  1. @historytweeter: Check back with this feed on a regular basis. It contains numerous links to the latest historical news, with a special focus on archaeological finds.
  2. @WorldHistory101: Through this feed, you’ll find tweets about historical facts, as well as some advice on great history-related resources.
  3. @DansHistoryFact: Dan Snow offers up some interesting and amusing historical facts every day that are sure to keep you coming back for more.
  4. @MissedinHistory: Feel like your history class left all the good stuff out? Learn what you were missing from this feed and accordant podcast.
  5. @history_addict: Here, Martin tweets about the latest news in history, with posts that cover just about every continent and time period.
  6. @archaeologynews: Much of what we know about history comes from archaeological excavation. On this feed, you’ll get a chance to learn what the latest discoveries are and what they tell us about the past.
  7. @odnb: The home of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, this feed showcases daily bios on some of the most famous and influential Brits.
  8. @historycarnival: Through the History Carnival feed, you’ll find links to the best of history blogging, often with a theme for each month.
  9. @historynetwork: Whether you’re looking for history news, great online resources, or a few great podcasts, you’ll find a wealth of information in the tweet of this UK-based feed.
  10. @PocketHistory: Head to this Twitter feed to find some interesting facts drawn from the Pocket Guide to World History, updated quite regularly.
  11. @aldaily: Focusing on the humanities, this feed shares stories that touch on a wide range of topics, from professional academia to commentary on the lives of great artists.


You can follow your favorite TV channels and programs on Twitter as well.

  1. @HistoryChannel: Can’t get enough of the History Channel? Check out their Twitter feed to get interesting facts about history and notes on upcoming programming.
  2. @MilitaryChannel: War history buffs will love learning more about military history through this feed from the Military Channel.
  3. @histdetectives: Fans of the PBS program History Detectives can learn more about the program and the investigative work they do through this feed.
  4. @BBCWitness: Every day on BBC witness, a person who was witness to a big historical event shares their experience. Through the program’s feed, you’ll find links to all of these great video clips so you can learn more about history from those who were really there.

Publishing and Publications

Find out what’s new in the world of historical literature from these magazines and book publishers.

  1. @HistoryToday: The official feed of History Today, the UK’s oldest history magazine, readers will find links to engaging stories, primarily about European history.
  2. @TheHistoryPress: The History Press, unsurprisingly, specializes in publishing books on history. Through their feed, you can find out what new works are coming out and read a few reviews as well.
  3. @SmithsonianMag: The Smithsonian magazine feed offers not only information on the museum itself, but also the latest in history and natural history news.
  4. @HistoryTimes: The editor of History Times, Jonny Mardling, shares a wealth of history book reviews on this feed.
  5. @history_book: Can’t keep up with all the new history books coming out? This feed makes it a lot easier, with daily updates on all the new releases.
  6. @cambUP_History: Follow news about Cambridge University Press history books and journals through this feed.
  7. @HistoryExtra: Dave Musgrove, editor of BBC History magazine, tweets interesting news and articles about history to this feed.
  8. @History_Now: Online journal History Now maintains this feed, with links to engaging essays, reviews, and online exhibitions.

Educations and Experts

Professors, students, and serious history buffs make up this list of follow-worthy feeds.

  1. @history_geek: College professor Holly Tucker shares her passion for history (and the latest technology, in an ironic combo) through this popular feed.
  2. @adrianmurdoch: Learn more about archaeology and late antiquity from historian and journalist Adrian Murdoch, with links to his own blog and other interesting sites.
  3. @ZahiHawass: If you’re into Egyptian history, you undoubtedly know the name of this archaeologist and Minister of Antiquities. Follow his feed for more information on all things related to Egyptian antiquities.
  4. @kenburnspbs: One of the biggest names in the historical documentary game, Ken Burns shares information about his own documentaries, as well as other links of interest through this Twitter feed.
  5. @Amanda_Vickery: Amanda Vickery is a professor of early modern history at Queen Mary University in London, regularly sharing some interesting quips and links through Twitter.
  6. @tanya_roth: Recent PhD grad Tanya Roth shares insights into her work as a teacher, something nearly every history student could stand to learn more about.
  7. @NationalHistory: Do you celebrate National History Day? Check out this feed to learn more about what the holiday motivates students to learn about history and pick up some interesting facts about history on the way.
  8. @historying: Grad student Cameron Blevins is focusing his studies on digital and American history, and readers will find thoughts and links on both in his feed.
  9. @hugoschwyzer: Follow professor Hugo Schwyzer to learn more about gender studies and history.
  10. @hwbrands: Author and history professor at the University of Texas, H.W. Brands posts interesting facts about history on this feed.
  11. @swathmoreburke: Professor Timothy Burke uses his Twitter feed to share interesting links and his thoughts on a wide range of topics.
  12. @RichardEvans36: Follow history events on the campus of Cambridge, as well as learning some interesting tidbits about European history, through Professor Richard Evans’ feed.

Museums and Organizations

Check out these feeds from museums and historical societies that will help you learn more about what they have to offer.

  1. @amhistorymuseum: The American History Museum, part of the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., shares interesting history lessons, pictures from the museum and more.
  2. @smithsonian: Comprising of 19 museums in all, the Smithsonian is the largest museum complex in the world. Find out more about their collections through the engaging tweets they offer up here.
  3. @britishmuseum: The British Museum has an awe-inspiring collection of antiquities, and you can learn more about these items (as well as read up on British archaeology) through their feed.
  4. @HistoryCenter: Visit this feed to learn more about what’s going on at this Pennsylvania history museum.
  5. @WWIIToday: If you just can’t get enough of WWII history, make sure to follow this feed. Maintained by the National WWII Museum, it offers new WWII-related news and history almost every day.
  6. @HolocaustMuseum: Commemorating one of the biggest tragedies in world history, this museum, and its accordant Twitter feed, is one of the best places to find historical information and archives on the Holocaust.
  7. @AMNH: Study the ancient history of the earth and its human inhabitants with some help from this huge museum’s feed.
  8. @NYHistory: New York has a fascinating history, and you can learn more about it through the posts to this feed from the New York Historical Society.
  9. @womenshistory: Get your learn on when it comes to the role of women in our nation’s history with a little guidance from the National Women’s History Museum.
  10. @BirkbeckEMS: Based in the UK, the Birkbeck Early Modern Society posts interesting links and information about history from the Renaissance to the French Revolution.

Archives and Libraries

Historians often spend a good amount of time rooting around in archives, so it can be a good idea to stay connected with some of the biggest collections of materials both online and off through Twitter.

  1. @librarycongress: This immense library has more books, recordings, photographs, maps, and manuscripts than you can shake a stick at (or that you would want to, anyway). Follow their feed to learn about new additions to the collection and for links to some of the highlights it contains.
  2. @LookBackMaps: Filled with links to historical maps and photos, this feed is an amazing place to explore history through visual records.
  3. @archivesinfo: Professional archivist Melissa Mannon shares advice and information for archivists that all interested in history should read.
  4. @USNatArchives: Whether you’re researching your family history or early American demographics, the National Archives are the place to be. Use their feed to keep up with changes and learn about their collections.
  5. @archiveshub: Learn more about archiving and where to find the best archives for any kind of information through the helpful tweets on this UK-based feed.
  6. @UKNatArchives: If European history is more of your thing, more specifically British history, then pay a visit to this huge archives’ Twitter feed. You’ll find links to some amazing documents.
  7. @BibliOdyssey: Those just interested in doing a bit of historical browsing will love the links to hi-res photos provided by this blog. Readers will find everything from ancient medical texts to beautiful maps.
  8. @WarLettersWP: A very human record of the past, this feed tweets excerpts from a wide variety of letters written during the Civil War.

History Fun

History can be a blast, especially when you follow feeds like these that offer up humorous, interesting, or just plain silly insights into the past.

  1. @TweetsofOld: If people from the past could tweet, this feed holds clues as to what they might say. Readers will find interesting and sometimes bizarre tweets taken straight from old newspapers.
  2. @samuelpepys: Take a trip back to the mid-1600′s, with daily tweets taken from the writings of renowned diarist Samuel Pepys.
  3. @HistoryNeedsYou: Professional historical interpreter and actor James Pennyman promotes the value of edutainment on this feed.
  4. @Wendell_Howe: This fun feed follows the fictional Dr. Wendell Howe, a temporal anthropologist who travels through time, studying and analyzing the past.
  5. @VHStudio: Need a break from history reading? Take a look at some of the amazing art and photographs tweeted by this history buff.
  6. @ThomasJefferson: Keep up with all the wise and witty things this former president and founding father said, with regular tweets on this feed.
  7. @GeoWashington: Here you’ll get some tweets from beyond from America’s first president George Washington.

Genre Specific

From the history of space exploration to facts about U.S. presidents, these feeds focus on specific time periods and subjects.

  1. @NASAhistory: Delve into the history of space exploration with the amazing facts and links posted to this NASA feed.
  2. @NBAHistory: If you’d like to learn more about the history of basketball, then check out this feed full of fascinating facts about the NBA of years past.
  3. @NYTcivilwar: Check out this feed for updates on the New York Times’ series on the Civil War, filled with diary entries, photographs, and research.
  4. @Medievalists: If modern history isn’t of much interest to you, consider following this feed which focuses on the Middle Ages and medieval history.
  5. @cspanhistory: Keep up on American history and the history of politics around the world, with tweets from C-Span.
  6. @Presidentfacts: Need to increase your presidential knowledge? This feed is a fun way to do so, with a wide range of facts and quotes.
  7. @RagLinen: A fascinating look back into the history of the American Revolution, this feed is full of information from historic newspapers.
  8. @EarlyAmerica: Filled with games, music, videos, and links to archival materials and articles, this feed is an excellent place to improve your understanding of early American history.

For Professionals

As you work towards a career in history, take the time to get to know resources, like these, that will help you in your professional endeavors.

  1. @AHAhistorians: The official Twitter site of the American Historical Association, this feed will help you keep up with AHA events and publications.
  2. @ihr_history: The Institute of Historical Research is a great resource for professional historians, offering up information on digital projects, lectures, conferences, and more.

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