The New Networking: Ultimate Twitter Guide for 2012 Grads

In our New Networking series, we’re taking a look at how today’s new college graduates can put social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to work in their post-grad networking efforts. We’ve already explored tips and resources for getting the most out of Facebook, and we’re tackling everyone’s favorite site for instant connections, Twitter.

Twitter is a great option for new-to-networking grads because of its low level of commitment. Anyone can follow and connect with celebrities, visionary businesspeople, and brands with just a moment’s thought and click of the mouse. That makes it so easy to cast your net far and wide, building your network at a rapid pace just 140 characters at a time. Highlighting Twitter chats, location-based apps, and lots of good advice, we’ve got your ultimate guide for making Twitter an incredibly effective tool for your post-graduate networking life.


Consider these tips to turn your Twitter account into a new grad networking powerhouse.

  • Follow both who you know and who you’d like to know

    Twitter isn’t quite as personal as Facebook, so it’s easy to connect even with complete strangers if you think they’re interesting enough for a follow. Target people who work for companies you’re interested in, industry leaders, and engaging people in your local area.

  • Give way more than you take

    A good rule to follow in any type of networking, this tip from explains that most of your tweets should be linking, conversing with others, and finding things that your followers might appreciate. Then, just a handful of your tweets should be about taking, asking followers to check out a blog post or help you win an online contest.

  • Get connected with recruiters, companies, and colleagues

    Naturally, you’ll want to seek out people who can help you find a job. Pay attention to what they’re saying, and don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation.

  • Be real, but professional

    Share your true self on Twitter, but be careful to put it through a professional filter first. People want to know about you and what you think is important, but it’s easy to cross the line into annoying and inappropriate.

  • Consider your username carefully

    Your Twitter name is essential to recognition, so choose carefully. Some people simply use their names, others come up with something more creative. Whatever you do, make sure it reflects your personality and is easy for others to remember.

  • Use lists

    Create lists to help you identify important people based on their interests and relevance to you, while also creating a great resource for these same people to find each other using you as a connector. You should also check out the lists of others to find great people to follow.

  • Think of Twitter as a business card

    Share your URL, create a professional description, and set a creative background to showcase what you’re all about with Twitter.

  • Ask questions

    Everyone loves a good Twitter conversation. Post questions that are relevant to your industry and niche to get a good one going, and maybe even learn something in the process.

  • Become easy to find

    Many Twitter users find new people to follow simply by searching for them. You can acquire targeted followers (and potential new networking partners) by tailoring your profile and tweets to attract these people. Write about your interests, keep keywords in mind, and by all means, create an engaging and explanatory profile.

  • Stay active

    It’s tempting to just set up a Twitter account and say, “Hey, I’m on Twitter.” But to make networking actually work, you’ll have to participate on a regular basis.

  • Speak up

    Let your followers know what you’re looking for in your Twitter experience. If you’re trying to find a job, say so.

  • Retweet relevant content

    Assuming you’re following lots of feeds that offer excellent resources, you’re bound to come across some very relevant tweets. Pay it forward, retweeting the best of these to your followers to improve your engagement and connections with others.

  • Join Twitter chats

    Become a part of communities that are relevant to you by searching for and joining regular Twitter chats. You’ll benefit from a great conversation, as well as get the opportunity to connect with others who share your interests.

Must-Follow Feeds, Hashtags, and Chats

These feeds, hashtags, and chats are full of great resources for you, and resources you can pass on to your network. To find even more Twitter chats, check out this helpful Twitter Chat Schedule.

  • @JobAngels

    This free career management program on Twitter is full of tips and great opportunities for new grads and beyond.

  • @CareerBuilder

    @CareerBuilder offers job search advice, career-related updates, and more in this Twitter feed.

  • #JobHuntChat

    Tune into this chat for a great group of job seekers, recruiters, HR professionals and career coaches who offer a great conversation on job hunting and networking each Monday.

  • @EntryLevelJob

    Recent grads can find entry-level jobs through this Twitter feed.

  • #LeadershipChat

    Lay a great foundation for a career as a leader by tuning in to and participating in #LeadershipChat each Tuesday.

  • @newgradnetwork

    Follow @newgradnetwork to find help getting the right job with tips, advice, and resources.

  • @jobshouts

    This “social employment engine” is all about getting job seekers and employers connected on Twitter.

  • @MonsterCareers

    Through @MonsterCareers, you’ll find career advice, tips, and insight into today’s workplace.

  • #GenYChat

    Connect with other recent graduates in this chat, discussing relationships, business, job hunting, and more.

  • @joblister

    @joblister’s only function is to spread the word about the latest job openings.

  • @NewGradLife

    This feed offers a mix of job postings, advice, and useful updates for new graduates.

  • #U30Pro

    Made up of fewer than 30 professionals, this community connects young, career-minded folks together.

  • #job

    The #job and #jobs hashtags are an incredible resource for finding the latest job posts, resources, and news.

Useful Twitter Tools

From location-based apps that help you connect with the people around you and directories that point out who’s who in your industry, these tools will help you get ahead on Twitter.

  • Twitter Search

    So simple, but so useful, Twitter’s own search function offers a great way to get connected with other people in your interests.

  • NearbyTweets

    Find people and job openings in your area by using NearbyTweets.

  • Twellow

    Find and attract Twitter followers based on location, interests, and more through Twellow.

  • Klout

    Find out what your current influences are on Klout, and work toward becoming influential in more relevant topics with the insight provided by this tool.

  • Tweetafile

    Share files on Twitter, like your resume, easily and simply using Tweetafile.

  • ManageFlitter

    Clean up your Twitter account with this tool that helps you identify inactive accounts, as well as ones that you should communicate with more often.

  • Formulists

    Using Formulists, the process of creating lists on Twitter is automated, helping you to better categorize the people you follow.

  • Topsy

    Who is talking about you? Topsy can monitor Twitter and other social networks to keep you up to date on the latest results for your name and other search terms.

  • Mentionmapp

    Grow your network with Mentionmapp, a Twitter tool that helps you identify who your friends’ friends are on Twitter.

  • WeFollow

    Discover new people to follow, and get yourself listed in this extensive Twitter directory and search.

Helpful Resources

Need more guidance in making Twitter a great tool for networking as a recent college graduate? Be sure to check out these helpful posts.

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