25 Essential Twitter Feeds for Higher Ed News

With the state of colleges and universities today (especially when it comes to paying for it) such a major issue in the 2012 election, voters should keep themselves informed about the current events shaping the industry today — especially those involved with higher education as professionals, parents, and students. Fortunately, Twitter exists, and users can follow and compile lists making it easy to read over and research the myriad perspectives filtering into the great debate. The following, listed in no specific order, make for the best places to start learning more about … uhhhh … learning.

  1. Higher Education:

    Presented by The Guardian, this feed is one of the best Twitter-based resources for catching up on the latest higher education stories, as well as networking with other professionals in the industry.

  2. Chronicle:

    It’s the official microblog of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Of course you should follow it.

  3. Wired Campus:

    Technophiles with an interest in how the latest gadgets shape higher education should pay close attention to this specialized feed by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

  4. TimesHigherEducation:

    Times Higher Education keeps readers informed about global higher education news and opinions impacting local, national, and international schooling.

  5. Women in Higher Ed:

    Like the name says, this Twitter focuses its reporting to issues exclusively involving the role of women at colleges and universities in America.

  6. GlobalHigherEd:

    The Twitter feed of Kris Olds peers into international higher education news and urban studies from a global vantage point.

  7. Inside Higher Ed:

    Multiple perspectives regarding both higher education news and jobs come to light through Inside Higher Ed’s blogs, links, retweets, and more.

  8. Lumina Foundation:

    America’s largest higher education advocacy organization keeps visitors informed about its efforts to improve the quality of colleges and universities as well as the high schools feeding into them.

  9. AAUP:

    Check out what the American Association of University Professors has to say about the higher education issues dictating their research and standing within the industry.

  10. Education Week:

    While not exclusively about higher education, this trusted resource frequently covers the subject and offers up some of the most informed, current information about it.

  11. U.S. News Education:

    U.S. News & World Report is famous for its comprehensive college and university rankings, and it tweets about the latest higher ed news (and some general education stories) at this essential microblog.

  12. ACEducation:

    Stay on top of the latest news and opinions from the American Council on Education, which deals primarily with concerns relating to college presidents and chancellors.

  13. HigherEdJobs:

    Whether looking for information about the current state of higher education as a career path or an open position, HigherEdJobs delivers.

  14. USA TODAY College:

    Perfect for incoming students, USA Today presents an oft-updated read about the state of schools today and how it influences enrollment, financial aid, and other very important factors.

  15. HuffPost College:

    Huffington Post’s officially designated College section covers higher education news through articles, blogs, and other media.

  16. NYT The Choice:

    Jacques Steinberg with The New York Times blogs about college admissions, with current stories about the events dictating how schools choose whom to accept and whom to reject.

  17. ED Postsecondary:

    Stay on top of the U.S. Department of Education’s official policies regarding the protocol of colleges and universities across the country.

  18. NASPA:

    NASPA gathers together student affairs professionals for frank discussions about improving campuses so college kiddos feel safe, comfortable, and well-balanced.

  19. HigherEdLive.com:

    This live webcast and blog covers anything and everything regarding higher education, from getting in to surviving freshman year to current events within the higher education industry.

  20. EWA:

    Follow the Education Writers Association for multiple points of view on multiple general education-related topics, many of which obviously pertain to colleges and universities.

  21. NAICU:

    Although the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities brings together private institutions, it still must deal with public policies, and followers stop her for information regarding the organization’s opinions.

  22. StudentAdvisor:

    Incoming or current college students should give this Washington Post Twitter a look-see for advice about thriving in a higher education environment as well as reviews and, of course, news affecting them.

  23. College Parents:

    Get a glimpse at the higher education stories of today through a parental lens, courtesy of the College Parents of America.

  24. Federal Student Aid:

    Since the majority of college students and grads grapple with FAFSA at some point in their higher education careers, it’s essential to know everything about current policies and news.

  25. EdVoices:

    While not exclusively about higher education, EdVoices cobbles together school-related blogs for broad insight into current events and opinions regarding them.

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