Critical Thinking 101

The phrase “critical thinking skills” is often heard in business circles or seen listed in job requirements and MBA program descriptions. However, it’s not always clear what it actually …

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The Recent Grad’s Guide to Surviving Layoffs

The unemployment rate in the U.S., while much improved since its peak in 2009, is still quite high. Job loss is frequently due to layoffs that have nothing to do with job performance and everything to …

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Make It Count: Valuable Experience for Working Students

Are you a working student who would like professional experience to take jump start your career? If so, you’re not alone. Enrolled college students who also maintain part- or full-time employment …


The Legitimacy of Online Degrees

Simply put, some online colleges are legitimate and some aren’t. The legitimacy of online colleges depends on factors like accreditation, area of study, and, most importantly, professional reputation …


The Value of Internships and Work Experience

For many, the allure of online education is simple. You can get a higher education at your convenience, fitting courses in around work, family, or other commitments. But, just like at brick-and-mortar …

Is A Graduate Degree A Good Idea?

Is Graduate School a Good Idea?

Completing an undergraduate degree is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding feats one can accomplish. After years of hard work, you’ve proven to yourself and to others that you could do it. You …

Your Career Begins Here

Your Career Begins Here

Regardless of what your field of study may be, you should be prepared to stress the real-world application of your online education.

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Career Potential

If you are thinking about enrolling in an online degree program, you will be pleased to know that not only can you enjoy the convenience of taking your classes online, but you can also improve your job …