The Student’s Guide to Choosing a Major

Some high school students have an idea of how they want their career to end up, so they choose a school and a program aligned with those aspirations. However, plenty of high school grads treat the future …

credit card

Student Guide to Building Credit

From buying a car or house to acing an employer background check, students must understand how to build a credit history responsibly.


College Students Living with a Chronic Condition

For college students, having a chronic illness generally requires strategies for finding the right balance between studying and managing a disease.


Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students

With the pressures facing most people today, it is essential to take your mental health seriously. This is especially true for college students and young people, whose lack of experience in the real world …


The U.S. Servicemember’s Guide to Academic Programs and Aid

Current and former military servicemembers and their spouses are eligible for millions of dollars in education-related financial aid every year. If you or your family member is active duty, a reservist …


The Student’s Guide to Affordable Healthcare

College students in America face particular challenges in paying for health insurance, and consequently are more likely to be uninsured than any other segment of the population. Experts estimate that …


The Great Grad School Debate: Should You Go or Should You Stay?

Should you go to grad school? The decision can be a headache, even after you’ve drawn out a list of pros and cons. Maybe you don’t know if you can afford another semester, let alone pay for multiple …


Transferring Credits and Degree Programs

Whether you choose to earn your degree on campus first and earn your next one online, or vice versa, you may be wondering if an online degree combined with a traditional college diploma have value. In …

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