Twitter Classroom

Twitter Tools & Strategies for the Classroom

Twitter may be a web-based tool, but it’s not just for online use. Last week NBC News featured an article about Twitter in high school classrooms. While many instructors ask students to put away …

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Google+ Community

Should Your Class be a Google+ Community?

As Google continues to seemingly connect all the things, Google+ Communities are making their way into education. Through my work with eLearn Magazine over the past several months, I’ve been more …

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group project

Get Your Group Project Back On Track

Do you groan when you enter a new class and see “group project” on the syllabus? You are already struggling to find time for your course work and then you need to find the additional time …

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online education report

Tracking Online Education: 2013 Survey Report

This week The Sloan Consortium released the results of its annual survey on distance education. Grade Change: Tracking Online Education in the United States is the 11th report in this series, a collaborative …

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Explore Mentoring Opportunities for Online Students

Online students often juggle school, work, and family commitments. These busy schedules can result in common challenges ranging from staying motivated in their academic programs to making decisions about …

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hiring trends

Hiring Trends for 2014′s Online Graduates

It’s that time again, as career-related advisors and websites publish advice for job seekers who will be “on the market” in the New Year. Believe it or not, spring graduation dates are …

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social media fears

Face Your Social Media Fears

Are we nearing a time in which it will be expected that everyone has an online presence? We may already be there in many ways, including job search and careers. Recruiters and hiring managers are using …

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learning games

How Do Games Work in Online Courses?

What is your reaction to finding out that game play is required in an online course? I have taken a lot of different types of courses over the years, and being required to “play a game” is …

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