online course ideas

9 Ideas to Keep Your Online Course Interesting

Like any presentation of information, online course content can get stale with time. As academic semesters pass, our brand new courses become dated in terms of the concepts presented and the technology …

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instructional design

Instructional Design 101: New Role for Faculty

Instructional design is a relatively new field that many of us enter when assigned a training or education project in addition to our regular duties. Academics are no exception, especially when asked …

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National Library Week

National Library Week Inspires Online Teaching

The links between library access and education are strong, but you may not be aware of all of the resources and assistance available from the many types of libraries operating today. In recognition of …

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elearning manifesto

New Manifesto Offers Direction for the Future of eLearning

The Serious eLearning Manifesto was introduced last month as a sort of petition for better practices in the design of eLearning opportunities. The community at large, which includes instructional designers …

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online teaching

Online Teaching: Is Certification Right for You?

“Is there a specialized training or certification process for online teaching? I taught for many years without certification, do you find it valuable?” I recently received this question via …

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improve online classes

How Can Student Feedback Improve Online Classes?

Professionals in higher education spend a lot of time talking about what online learning should be, what it should look like, and how it should work. But what do the students think? They are on the front …

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small class size

Scaling Down: Benefits of Small Class Size Online

I know this may sound a little crazy, but what if the conversations about scaling online education included downsizing as well as upsizing? Until recently, my experience as an online instructor and instructional …

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Makerspaces and Online Education

“Makerspaces” was one of the more than 50 technologies considered for the most recent Horizon Report for Higher Education, and while it didn’t make the cut for this year’s list …

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