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Adjunct Professor

How to Thrive in the Adjunct Professor Job Market

Part-time, or adjunct, teaching positions are more prevalent than ever in higher education. According to the Modern Language Association, “adjunct, contingent faculty members now make up over 1 …

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learning analytics

How Learning Analytics Will Forever Change Education

It seems like everything about our lives can be quantified and made into a chart these days. Data collection is easier than ever as software systems and mobile apps record our activities and track our …

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Learning Online

Who’s Learning Online in 2014?

Online education options provide higher education access to a broader audience than ever before. Students bring a range of ideas, prior experiences, reasons for enrolling, and expectations for what it …

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Social Media Day

Social Media Day: A Guide for Online Students

Mashable’s 5th annual Social Media Day takes place on Monday, June 30, 2014. The goal? It’s designed as “a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes.” …

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situated documentaries

How Situated Documentaries Transform Online Learning

Want to bring historical events into your online classroom? A situated documentary can take students beyond the typical textbook reading assignment or recorded lecture. I monitored the #IMLWS hashtag …

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online course ideas

9 Ideas to Keep Your Online Course Interesting

Like any presentation of information, online course content can get stale with time. As academic semesters pass, our brand new courses become dated in terms of the concepts presented and the technology …

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instructional design

Instructional Design 101: New Role for Faculty

Instructional design is a relatively new field that many of us enter when assigned a training or education project in addition to our regular duties. Academics are no exception, especially when asked …

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National Library Week

National Library Week Inspires Online Teaching

The links between library access and education are strong, but you may not be aware of all of the resources and assistance available from the many types of libraries operating today. In recognition of …

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