There are many benefits available for active-duty military members, reserves, and veterans who want to go to college. Bills have been passed to provide servicemen and -women and veterans with financial support for education. Veteran and active-duty military benefits are also provided by many colleges and universities in addition to these bills, including added financial support and military-friendly courses and degree programs.

The Post-9/11 GI-Bill is in place to provide educational assistance for former and current military members. The benefits include full tuition for public, in-state schools, and $17,500 a year for private and foreign schools, with more money allotted for private schools in states where tuition is higher, like Texas and New York. This money can be used to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree, training and professional certificates, licenses, and more. This bill also pays a monthly housing allowance and $1,000 annually for books and supplies.

Many colleges and universities strive to help those in the military by providing benefits in addition to the Post-9/11 GI-Bill. Through a contract with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, the United States Department of Defense funds the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC). The SOC has a membership of around 1,900 colleges and universities that have specialized, military-friendly programs for active-duty military and veterans. In addition to providing their own benefits, each member of the SOC commits to minimum criteria, such as allowing credit for military training and experience. Each branch of the armed forces has their own section with the SOC to provide a list of schools that are approved by each branch. For example, the Navy’s section, SOCNAV, features a list of accredited institutions that have been selected by the Navy that offer associate and bachelor’s degree programs designed for Navy personnel who are mobile or stationary. This will allow them to find colleges for the Navy.

The SOC is an easy way to find schools for the military. Online education is a popular choice for active-duty military members in every branch of the armed forces because of the flexibility and mobility it offers, which is useful when you’re traveling the world and serving your country. Therefore, it’s crucial that you find the online options for active-duty military members. The same can be said for veterans who are unable to make it to a classroom, or would rather study and complete college courses at their own pace. Searching through the SOC membership of schools will allow you to find the online programs for veterans.