One of the newest career trends of the digital era, online marketing applies the basic principles of marketing to promoting business through the Internet. Marketing representatives generally work as part of a larger team to promote their organizations, products, and services. Marketing representatives estimate demand for products and services, develop new ways to offer them to the public, and effectively communicate the value that their organization offers. Some online marketers may also be responsible for developing pricing for goods or services, while others help to maximize the share of the market they represent by ensuring customer satisfaction. Others within the field may work with sales or product developers to figure out the best way to advance their current product by conducting market research.

What Can I Do With an Online Degree in Online Marketing?

Earning an online degree in marketing is a great way to gain access to the field. While a bachelor’s degree in marketing is the most common way to gain access to the field, comparable bachelor’s degrees in business or communications can also help you gain access. Earning a master’s degree in the field may provide additional advancement opportunity once you are in the field, and in some cases, may provide access to a position in management when combined with a Master’s in Business Administration. A doctoral degree in the field is usually only needed to teach marketing courses at the college level. Prospective students should be able to find ample amount of colleges and universities that offer both traditional and online format courses and programs. Internet marketing is still a very new subfield within the career, but there are a handful of online Internet marketing degree programs available. Prospective students can search for schools in their area that offer accredited degree programs in marketing through the National Center for Education Statistics’ College Navigator website.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the greater New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago areas have the highest concentration of marketing manager positions in the country. Salaries in the New York City area average $160,510, while salaries in the Los Angeles area average $138,470, and salaries in the Chicago area average $117,680. Among states with the largest concentration of jobs in the country, California, New York, and Texas have the highest employment. New York had the highest annual income of all states at $156,420. It is important to remember that these salary figures are specifically for managers. Entry-level positions pay significantly lower. The National Association of Colleges and Employers provides a salary calculator for hundreds of career fields by state and region. According to the NACE, entry-level marketing positions average $40,980 annually in the greater New York City area. Salary and job concentration for entry-level marketing positions will typically be much lower outside of major metropolitan areas. The job market for marketing associates is highly competitive, and a degree will not guarantee a job in the field.

What Is It Like To Get An Online Degree in Online Marketing?

Online marketing degrees and courses are offered at a number of colleges and universities, and like many other programs, students access their course content through an online portal where they can find syllabi, readings, assignments, discussions, and contact information for professors. Bachelor’s students can expect basic courses in English, communication, speech, and mathematics in the first two years. After completing basic courses, you should expect courses in business law, management, economics, accounting, finance, and statistics. Most programs will also require an internship to gain workplace experience. At the master’s level, students can expect more advanced level courses in business, marketing strategies, and management.