The Great Grad School Debate: Should You Go or Should You Stay?

Should you go to grad school? The decision can be a headache, even after you’ve drawn out a list of pros and cons. Maybe you don’t know if you can afford another semester, let alone pay for multiple years of grad school for a master’s degree or doctorate. Perhaps you’re debating if a higher degree will really equate to more money in your job, or maybe you’re mulling over a new career that’s a complete switch from your undergrad training. There are plenty of factors to weigh when making the choice to return to school. We want you to be as informed as possible — from your potential postgrad salary to your capacity to handle the workload and mental stresses.

We’ve designed this resource in the spirit of the Choose Your Own Adventure books, and you’ll get to make choices with consequences and results. Whether you end up at a dead end or running from hungry alligators is up to you. You’ll always have the option to backtrack; just click the arrows on the top and bottom of the page to navigate through your quest. Feel free to explore alternate routes to help figure out if grad school is the right fit for you. Let the adventure begin!

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