Advertising Disclosure

Who We Are is a comprehensive online resource geared toward distance learners at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We strive to assist current and future students as they choose an online school. Our free rankings, lists, and guides cover topics such as admission requirements, projected tuition costs, and financial aid options. We also offer profiles of the most popular industries and careers for recent graduates.

We are committed to editorial independence and transparency. The guides published on are accurate and current because we believe unbiased, data-driven content is essential when searching for an online college. Thanks to our team of expert fact-finders, we can help students find the right school based on several factors, including their geographic location, career plans, and financial situation.

How We Make Money earns financial compensation by advertising degrees at certain colleges and universities. When site visitors use our program search tool or interact with ads on the site, we may receive payment from these schools in exchange for student referrals.

In order to minimize confusion, each advertisement is clearly labeled as an "ad" or "advertisement disclosure." This helps readers distinguish the ads from our editorial content. For added transparency, we never allow advertising relationships with schools to impact our rankings, lists, or guides. Every college and university included in these resources has been carefully vetted using our evaluation system.

How We Maintain Editorial Independence

Using our proprietary methodology, writers and researchers evaluate every school based on dozens of factors. These include student costs and fees, admission and graduation rates, class sizes, faculty members, and resources for online learners. This comprehensive system yields an overall score for each school, which determines their place (if any) in our rankings and lists.

Furthermore, we only use reliable, objective sources for the data in our guides. These sources include the National Center for Education Statistics, the Common Data Set Initiative, and Peterson's. Some guides may contain additional information from other sources, such as online surveys or expert interviews, because we believe this content brings a real-world element to our reporting.

In addition to following standards for source material, our writers, editors, and fact-finders adhere to these strict editorial guidelines:

  • never includes schools in rankings, lists, or guides based on advertising relationships.
  • No school receives preferential treatment. We generate every ranking using unbiased scores based on our proprietary evaluation methodology.
  • We place great value on editorial integrity. For this reason, we frequently evaluate the content on our site to ensure it is accurate, current, and unbiased.
  • Every school featured on our site is fully accredited at the national or regional level. This ensures our rankings reflect the highest quality of education and student support.

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