Online Colleges in New Mexico

Home to 44 higher education institutions, New Mexico serves a diverse population of students. In 2015, nearly 54,000 students enrolled in at least one online course. This total represents 38.8% of New Mexico’s student body, an 11% growth in online enrollment that surpasses the national average by 9.1%. The number of New Mexico students taking all of their coursework online also surpasses the 14.2% national average at 16.2%.

In 2017, the New Mexico Higher Education Department (HED) discovered that excess credit accumulation prohibited students from timely graduation dates. Therefore, the HED modified policies to ensure that students can complete mandatory coursework within two-year and four-year time frames for associate and bachelor programs, respectively. HED now confirms that 19 institutions offer programs following these guidelines. Additionally, the New Mexico HED’s standardized advanced placement (AP) credit acceptance policy assists students with earning their degrees faster and cheaper. Collectively, New Mexico students saved nearly $4.26 million in tuition in 2017. In addition to other tuition breaks, this guide includes information regarding the best online colleges in New Mexico and the current job outlook for graduates.

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