Online Colleges in Texas 2024

Written by Genevieve Carlton and the OC Rankings Team, Edited by Tyler Epps

Updated Feb 9, 2024

The state of Texas houses hundreds of colleges and universities that offer on-campus and online learning options for traditional college students and working professionals alike.

From the panhandle to the Gulf Coast, Texas boasts a total of 218 degree-granting postsecondary institutions. According to data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 135 of these colleges award four-year degrees, while two-year colleges make up the remaining 83 schools.

The sections below detail higher education in Texas, including the best online colleges in the state. You’ll also find important information on tuition breaks for out-of-state residents, college scholarships, and the current employment outlook for graduates.

Top Online Degrees & Programs in Texas

Ready to earn your degree online? Here are some of the most popular majors offered at online colleges in Texas.

Featured Online Programs

Business Administration

Business is a popular major for a reason. With a bachelor’s in business, you’ll qualify for high-paying careers.

For example, financial analysts make an average salary of $103,420 in Texas, according to May 2022 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Texas managers also report an average pay of nearly $120,000 per year.


Study living creatures and ecosystems as a biology major. With an online biology degree, you can become a researcher, teacher, or wildlife biologist.

In Texas, zoologists and wildlife biologists report an average salary of $60,920 (BLS, May 2022). Or use your degree as a stepping stone to med school or another graduate program.


Learn how to convey ideas as a communications major. During your bachelor’s in communications, you can study journalism, public relations, or technical communication.

The tech boom in Texas means new opportunities for technical writers, who make an average annual salary of $79,200 (BLS, May 2022).

Computer Science

Computer science majors are in high demand. You’ll study network architecture, cybersecurity, and programming languages during your computer science degree.

Turn your degree into a high-paying career by becoming a software developer. In Texas, software developers can expect an average pay of $117,440 per year (BLS, May 2022).

Criminal Justice

Explore criminal behavior, the court system, and law enforcement while earning your bachelor’s in criminal justice online.

With a criminal justice degree, you’ll qualify for federal law enforcement jobs as well as careers as a detective, probation officer, or private investigator. Texas detectives report an average salary of $82,990 (BLS, May 2022).


Learn how to teach children and adults with a bachelor’s in education. You can become a K-12 teacher in Texas with an online degree. Or work in early childhood education, adult education, or instructional design after graduation. As a Texas high school teacher, you can expect an average salary of $61,210 (BLS, May 2022).


Study materials science and engineering principles while earning your engineering degree online. You can specialize in high-demand fields like aerospace or petroleum engineering at online colleges in Texas.

How much can you earn? Petroleum engineers report an average salary of $150,860 in Texas. You can work in this profession with just a bachelor’s degree (BLS, May 2022).

English and Literature

Strengthen your writing and critical analysis skills with a bachelor’s in English and literature. In addition to careers in writing or education, you can also use your strong communication skills to work in fields like public relations. In Texas, public relations specialists earn an average salary of $64,750 (BLS, May 2022).


Take your nursing skills to the next level with an online BSN degree. You’ll gain health assessment and patient care skills while taking specialized classes.

Registered nurses in Texas report high salaries. You can expect an average pay of $84,320 as a Texas RN (BLS, May 2022).


Examine human behavior and abnormal psychology while earning your psychology degree online. You’ll strengthen analytical, research, and critical thinking skills as a psych major. These in-demand skills can lead to careers in research, social services, business, or education.

For example, understanding human behavior can help you launch a career in marketing. In Texas, market research analysts earn an average wage of $69,720 (BLS, May 2022).

Featured Online Programs