Online Colleges in Wisconsin

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Governor Scott Walker kicked off a new era in online education with the UW Flexible Option. The program combined a system for awarding credits based on professional competency, meaning experience in the workplace, and online courses that could be completed at whatever pace the student wants, meaning an incredible amount of flexibility. This program made it clear that the state considered it crucial to award degrees to professionals who deserved higher education credentials. These degrees have a material impact on the Wisconsin economy, as highly qualified professionals historically result in far greater economic production for the state ― the reason why so many states have made awarding more degrees a key part of their long term agendas.

In keeping with the ever-increasing interest in earning a degree on a flexible schedule, many of the top schools in Wisconsin are now offering undergraduate and graduate degrees completely online.

But before we dive into our list of the best online colleges in Wisconsin, let’s start with the state of higher education and online education in particular in Wisconsin today.