Online Colleges in Florida

With 162 degree-granting institutions statewide, Florida ranks fifth among the 50 states for its amount of colleges. Prospective students may choose from public and private institutions, junior colleges, for-profit schools, and accredited online colleges in Florida. While these schools offer degrees and majors in every subject, certain fields of study are more prominent in the Sunshine State.

Many online colleges in Florida offer tourism and hospitality degrees to prepare students for careers in one of Florida’s largest industries. With 135 million tourists visiting Florida annually, it’s a promising field for recent graduates entering the workforce.

Students can also pursue degrees in the state’s other major industries, including agriculture, international trade, aviation, life sciences, and financial services. Thanks to Florida’s many postsecondary institutions, many graduates find work in education and academic research.

This guide can help each prospective student choose a program that aligns with their budget, lifestyle, and career goals. Read on to learn more about the best online colleges in Florida, potential job paths for graduates, and how to pay for a degree through scholarships and other tuition breaks.

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