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OnlineColleges.net was started in 2009 as a response to the global surge in online education. As the demand for our resources grew, we began creating more original content and funding proprietary research. In early 2016 we relaunched as the Center for Online Education to better reflect the breadth of knowledge and information on our site.

Once dominated by for-profit institutions, online education is growing at public and private nonprofit schools. New opportunities for advanced skill development, professional certification and work-based learning will also integrate online access throughout the span of your career. Students have more options than ever before when it comes to getting an education from an accredited online college.

Our team of internal experts and collaborative partners is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date, accurate information about the online learning experience. Our online college rankings, student guides, and in-depth analyses of current online education trends fill a gap in the resources available to help students, instructors, and parents. These include resources and tips on topics ranging from financial aid and accreditation, to study skills and career planning.

Exploring Trends and Issues

As acceptance of online learning grows and technology provides more effective ways to learn, we can expect the online education landscape to transform. These changes can be fast-paced, so being aware of emerging trends is the first step in preparing for the future.

Here are a few of the areas we predict will continue to grow and improve in the coming years:

  • Blended Learning

    Online programs are integrating on-campus and off-campus events to enhance the learning experience and better support online students. These “face-to-face” interactions can include use of the latest synchronous, real-time video communication tools.

  • Personalized Learning

    Students are finding choices, both in terms of the number of online programs available, and in how they can navigate these programs and their courses. Expect to find more flexibility and real options related to assignments and course content, as well as class materials that adapt to your individual learning needs.

  • Mobile Learning

    As we increasingly reach for our smartphones to communicate and conduct the business of our daily lives, access to courses is possible, too. Learning management systems and other apps are more effective than ever at allowing us to teach and learn on the move.

  • Virtual Reality

    Immersive, 3D technologies are still being developed for educational use. But the latest options, such as Google Cardboard, are more affordable and allow for a new digital learning experience. Watch for integration of these tools to explore real-world simulations and problem-solving in your field of study.

Join us as we continue the pursuit and development of the best resources for online students. We’ll provide ongoing updates about the latest innovations and help you prepare for online learning.

Supporting Prospective Students

We understand that finding that right college or online program can be intimidating. That’s why we provide resources designed for students who are interested in studying either online or on campus. Our guides cover everything you need to know about higher education before you enroll. Check out the sampling of prospective students resources below, and be sure to visit our full library.

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Assisting Current Students

Most colleges provide a wealth of support for their students; however, they can fall short when it comes to letting students know about the help that is available to them. Our current student resources provide guidance on making the most of available services, getting through the ups and downs of school, and what to do after graduation. Below are a few of our most popular resources. Visit our library to view them all.

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